Author Topic: Bass Opener Georgian Bay 2016  (Read 1811 times)

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Bass Opener Georgian Bay 2016
« on: June 26, 2016, 01:12:04 PM »
Could you ask for a better day! No wind, hot, and big fish.

Finally bass is open everywhere and it looks like it will be an exceptional year.  Most fish are off their beds having made the move during the May full moon. The transition to summer patterns is well underway and the post spawn cycle is ending and the feeding binge is just beginning. It's hard to choose where to start the season, Georgian Bay or Simcoe but since there is all kinds of places on the bay to avoid most other anglers we choose Georgian Bay. The big fish are shallow and black so sight fishing can be exceptional. Fish stand out like a soar thumb and most will eat.

The pattern is simple. Get on the trolling motor high until you see fish. It made it even easier since the big bass were running with the carp. This is a pattern I have seen often as the bass follow the carp which dig up the bottom and expose food. When they are together swimming it as if the bass are using the carp to hide behind as the bottom muckers are not a threat to the bass forage. When ever you see a carp that is closely flanked by another what appears to be carp, just cast at it. The bass will fall off and take the bait. Every once in a while something unexpected happens as did to bob when the carp actually hit a tube. It's a long time getting a 25 pound carp to the boat with light spinning gear.

If all stays the same and the weather patterns don't change the site fishing should peak soon.